"The Essex bloke is something of a geezer... plenty of showbiz patter... his set proves very effective... gag focussed delivery... high laugh rate... you'd think that the spirit of Mike Reid is alive and well"
Steve Bennett - Chortle July 2018

Watch Paul In Action:
Paul Merryck @ The Bill Murray 1/10/22


Paul Merryck is an Essex based comedian who has been making a name for himself as one of the more original and outrageous character acts on the UK comedy circuit. Feckless, amoral and utterly unabashed, the middle-aged chancer he portrays disdainfully deconstructs the disaster that is his life in a hilarious sequence of short gags and tall stories.

Paul regularly appears professionally in London for Angel Comedy, Hampstead Comedy Club, Bearcat Comedy, Downstairs at the Kings Head and Monkey Business Comedy among others, and for many other promoters outside London including Mirth Control, Funhouse Comedy, Out of Bounds Comedy, Suffolk Punch Comedy and Craic Den Comedy in Dublin. He regularly MC's at TNT Comedy in Kentish Town and Funny for Nothing in Borough. He also manages and comperes a monthly professional night at ACanteen in Chelmsford, called AComedy Club. He has performed every year at the Edinburgh Festival since 2016, and took his first 1-hour show to the Hastings Comedy Festival in 2018, and in 2019 he performed his one man show 'Local Businessman Unrepentant' at the Bill Murray in London, and at the Leicester and Brighton Fringe Festivals. He followed this up with his latest show 'Lies, Alibis and Filthy Stories' at the Brighton and Colchester Fringe Festivals in 2021 and Leicester, Cambridge and Hastings in 2022.

In 2023, Paul will be performing his new show, 'Who Let Him In?' in London at The Museum of Comedy and The Bill Murray, as well as at Brighton Fringe, Hastings Fringe and other comedy festivals.

When not performing, Paul spends most of his time drinking in the garden and shouting at the wireless.




"'Old' is also the school that opening act Paul Merryck comes from. The Essex bloke is something of a geezer - destroying no stereotypes there - and has plenty of showbiz patter. He called for three rounds of applause before telling a single joke and flattered the audience for being a sexy-looking bunch. Yet although not ground-breaking, his set proves very effective, with Merryck quickly earning laughs for relatable gags about his love of drinking and breakdown of his third marriage, told with plenty of self-deprecation. From his gag-focussed delivery, you'd think that the spirit of Mike Reid is alive and well, but he's self-aware enough to turn the focus inwards, and was probably unlucky not to be placed, given his high laugh rate."
Steve Bennett in Chortle reviewing Paul Merryck at The Old Comedian of the Year final in July 2018

"This comedian has a joke landing percentage of around 160%. When the set ended, we wanted more, and that's rare"
Chris Young and Jake Alexander, Hastings Fringe Festival Founders

"Paul opened the evening, never an easy thing to do, and he set the scene perfectly, with laughter and giggles from the off. His self-deprecating, middle aged man routine was a runaway hit with my golf club attendees and his humour and warmth got the evening off to a flyer. Paul is thoroughly professional, very funny, and a nice bloke with it, highly recommended."
Gary Norman, Member for Social, The Richmond Golf Club

"Great set, hit after hit after punchline hit"
Mal Alfie, Wharton Promoter, We Are Funny Project London

"Paul Merryck is simply bloody hilarious"
Kyle Wallace, Promoter G&B Comedy London

"Paul reminds me of an incredibly well-read pub regular, blessed with the sharpest of topical wit. He combines warm engaging delivery with beautifully timed punchlines. Professional, safe funny hands and an absolute joy to work with on every level"
Stephen Owen, Promoter Home Counties

"Thanks again Paul Merryck for a terrific set at Shortlands Golf Club last Saturday, that was the strongest line-up I've put together at that venue, will certainly book you again."
Pete Cunningham of Peter Perke Productions

"Cheeky Essex geezer Paul Merryck is a man you really want to have a beer with if only to find out whether he's married another woman called Sharon. An experienced raconteur, Paul tells you about his latest exploits as well as his life story. All of which runs from pathos to punchline - just when you're feeling sorry for him, he hits you with a line that makes you guffaw or groan. This lovable Essex reprobate is great as an MC or as a stand-up comedian in his own right. Your audience is in for a good night, safe in his comedic hands."
Paul Johnstone, Promoter Suffolk Punch Comedy

"Fab Cockney Funnyman"
Martin Besserman, Promoter Monkey Business Comedy London

"Paul Merryck's good natured, gag-laden banter made for a fun, uplifting set with lots of charm."
Paul Golder - Phoenix FM reviewing Essex Comedian of the Year Final 2019

"Paul Merryck took to the stage at the Bill Murray pub and never let go. Watching him in April 2023, I could not stop laughing at his brilliant delivery and quick-fire jokes and stories. Dressed in a very dapper suit, the Essex funny man tore sthrough stories about failed relationships and boozy nights out with the airs and grace of a classic nightclub comedian. He was wonderful to watch the 45 minute set and highly recommended."
Richard Gill - A Rich Comic Life - Reviewing 'This Is What We Find' The Bill Murray April 30 2023



Website: www.paulmerryck.com

Facebook: PaulMerryck

Instagram: @PaulMerryck

Email: PaulMerryck@Yahoo.co.uk

Twitter: Can't be arsed